Get Your Hair Ready for Spring

Do you have beloved hair care routine, one that you stick with each & every month? Your natural hair’s condition changes all the time. As each season changes, so should your hair care regimen. At the changing of the seasons, varying up your hair care routine is best. While you might not be able to assess what your natural hair wants and needs all the time, common wisdom suggests that you moisturize more heavily during the cooler months and through early Spring, and then lighten up in the Spring and Summer to get your hair back to a more normal state after months of wind, cold, and drying heat.

To get your hair ready for warmer weather and re-nourish it after the Winter, you can’t go wrong with the following tips:

natural hair trimGet a Trim

Cut off all those damaged & dull split ends from the heat and damage of the winter. While you’re at it, opt for a new hair style. Spring is the perfect time to try something new. Opting for color? Go vibrant but be sure to use a safe coloring product that won’t be too harsh on your strands. Product RecsShea Moisture’s Hair Color System and some awesome ayurvedic hair colors by Henna Sooq. Heard so many great things about them, can’t wait to try them out! Alot of naturals are opting for Red Raj this spring! Going for a  blowout? Awesome! Opt for a blow dryer that will cut your drying time significantly while minimizing the amount of heat on your hair. It’d be great to have a Professional dryerBabyliss products are great. Perfect for home use too. BONUS TIP: Give your hair a blast of cool air using the “cool” setting on your professional hair dryer when you’re almost done blow-drying. Cold air closes the hair cuticle and seals in the moisture.


While the weather is still cool, staying moisturized is key to having healthy and soft hair once warm weather arrives. Product Rec:Ily Beauty Co’s Desire Moisturizer; This product felt so yummy in my hair and provided the necessary hydration that my hair needed. Seal in the moisture with a butter rich hair cream such as Mahogany Naturals Hair and Body Butter. Loved the richness and smoothness of this butter. Sidenote: After applying to my hair and body one night, my bathroom smelled like a tropical paradise. :)


As spring shows up, we’ll be outdoors a lot more. Begin to prep your hair for the weather change by taking your hair on a healthy hair journey. Detoxify your strands & drawing impurities out with Soultanicals’ Master Hair Cleanse. This curl detoxifying blend will heal & repair damaged strands, deeply cleanse, leaving you with soft, manageable, enhanced curls.

spring clean



Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

Toss out any hair products that have not been used in 4-6 months. Chances are they are less effective and may be a potential breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Revive your Spring hair regimen.
Jump Start your Hair Growth
 Massage your scalp every day with a good herbal hair oil like Morocco Method’s Euro Natural Oil Conditioner and Moisturizer. This rich oil felt WONDERFUL on my scalp. Not only does it balance the pH of the scalp, it also stimulates sebaceous glands, which produce sebum- the hair’s own natural oil. Loved it! 10 minutes of massaging the scalp per day will aid in healthy hair growth, producing thicker and longer hair.

Are you ready for Spring? Let’s go! Get your Mane Right!

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