My natural hair journey began on June 26, 2011. After the initial \”Big Chop,\” and one more in Feb/2012…that banished all my bad \”core\” hair…my hair took off!!…I put LOVE in my hair daily, and it lets me know what it likes and does not like…Please Believe!!! Thank you for this site; as it only helps me to enhance a \”Beautiful Thing\”…my Natural Hair!
Lorraine, Michigan

Great Idea!!! I love the fact that this calendar will include soooo much information! Thanks
Cieana Davis

I love the Power To The Pre-Poo!Excellent Ayurvedic ingredients.It left my hair feeling nice and strong!I also tried the Shea Milk.Very moisturizing and the shine it gives to the skin is lovely!I will definitely be trying more products in the future!Many blessings on your new line!
Tanesha, Birmingham,AL

I started my natural hair journey in august 2011. I didn’t chop my hair until I saw the natural growth. My hair has been growing tremendously and hasnt covered my bathroom floor in nearly a year. When I was getting perms/relaxers, it would always burn unless my grandmother put a box one in. I would come home with many scabs, burn marks, etc. It was so bad that my hair was sticking to the scabby parts of the scalp. On top of that, my hair started to fall out. Whenever I wore something in my hair or on it, my hair would just slide out and onto the floor. It was very unpleasant and upsetting for me. I thought I was going to go bald for a minute when I was getting relaxers. Of course I would go every 6-8 weeks but it still didn’t matter. My hair would constantly fall out. Natural may not be for everyone and relaxers may not be for everyone either, but I’ll be doggon if I go back to relaxers again. I gotta be sick in the head if I do. To me, going natural is the best way for us African-American/Black women. Our is so intricate in ways that we may not understand. That’s how God made it. He describes our hair soft as a sheep’s wool. And BOOOM. Our hair was created. Natural hair all the way :)
Bri, North Carolina

I really love this calendar! It’s inspiring me to keep tabs of how my hair is growing and what I am using. And pictures! I love the encouragement to take pics! And yes, more stickers would be awesome:).
Leah Patterson, Little Rock, AR USA

Hello! I love your site!! I would like to add (with much love and humility) in reference to Mrs. Pressey’s testimonial…Natural hair does not mean healthy hair. (I am a licensed cosmetologist, licensed hair braider, certified mua & studying esthetician….and I am currently natural a 2nd go round:) Healthy Hair = a balanced PH level, Good Porosity and Good Elasticity in Chemically Processed OR Natural Hair. 50% of my clients are natural and the other 50% are chemically relaxed. I have been on facebook, reading so many blogs, websites, etc on natural hair and no one is referencing trimming and cutting ends, putting keratin and amino acids back into the natural hair (this is what our hair is made up of and needs that protein). ….Congrats to you!!! Keep up the spirit of excellence about you. Keep us informed! Lovin this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monica Brown, Richmond, VA

Thank God I found you!:)

Absolutely LOVE LOVE this calender!!! So convenient & a great “NATURAL HAIR” informational tool! I also wish more stickers were included. But soo far on my 2nd month & LUV IT! Here is my u-tube video on when I got my calender in the mail! Luved the free gift too!
Christina – Naturallybison, New Jersey

I have been looking for a guide like this for years to come.
Dionne Williams

Just started my natural journey this past spring. I’m in transition and my last relaxer was 4-5 months ago. I’ve slowly taken more and more of the relaxer out of my hair; about 1 inch left in the back of my head and 2 inches in the front. Love my new growth. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Love the information and encouragement.
Martha , Binghamton, NY

Began my transitioning process in June 2010 and the last time I had a relaxer was in Novemeber 2009. Looking for all the help that I can get…the Natural Hair Love Affair Calendar will be a useful tool in obtaining MBL!
Emmelyne Toussaint

Great idea, and a great gift idea for friends thinking of going natural

Thank You!!!! :)
Tonshee, Denver, CO

OMG this is GREAT!!! I can’t wait to start journaling on this calender! perfect way 4 me 2 document my journey back to healthy hair!
Christina Pressey

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